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project 07 birmingham civil rights heritage trail

concept- 200 city wide interpretive signs civil rights movement + footsoldiers

partner: vickii howell, research, text

role: master planner, trail interpretive system designer

city birmingham / civil rights district &beyond


Frederick Lee "Fred" Shuttlesworth, was a U.S. civil rights activist who led the fight against segregation and other forms of racism as a minister in Birmingham, Alabama. He was a co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, initiated and was instrumental in the 1963 Birmingham Campaign. Several trail routes are dedicated to his service.

trail sparks public recognition of foot soldier legacy

As Director of the Birmingham Heritage Civil Rights Trail RKR designed a highly innovative signage system that cleverly place 100 life-size pictures of the Movement near places where these original photos were taken in the 1960’s. The Trail, starts in the Kelly Ingram Park afront the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Half of the story is in the museum; half of the story is on the downtown streets of Birmingham where the civil right movement actually occurred. The Trail will carry you through more than 70 sites of national merit designated by the National Register of Historic Places, throughout the downtown Civil Rights District and beyond. Text was researched and written by journalist Vickii Howell.

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